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Audio Resources

Order a complete CD Set of a series by Pastor Josh

Make I​t Count


Your life was made on purpose for a purpose. This series explores God's method of making your life count.

20 CD Set

Leaving Egypt


Leave your past in the past.

6 CD Set



Uniting with God, purpose, and people.

3 CD Set

Let It Grow


God wants to grow you, strengthen you,

and support you.

14 CD Set

Resolving Conflict


Learn how to restore a broken relationship.

7 CD Set

To Blessed To Be Stressed


Learn how to overcome stress, anxiety, and worry.

1 hr session

The Power Of Community


Ever feel like you can't do this alone? That is because God never intended for you to have to do life alone.

18 CD Set

The Power of a Seed


When you have a need plant a seed. Learn how small choices can lead to great results.

6 CD Set



Ever found yourself wondering about eternity. This series explores the Biblical realities of life after death.

8 CD Set

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